ORYX 1 Solar Power Plant in Jordan

Sustainable Development in jordan

ORYX 1 Solar Power Plant in Jordan

•The Oryx 1 Solar Power Project is one of the first renewable energy projects being constructed in Jordan under the Jordanian Renewable Energy Program. 

•It is situated west of the City of Ma’an and is a 10.44 Megawatt Photovoltaic Facility.

•The power plant has been developed by European company and Quest Energy Investments, QEI Local Developer.

•The power plant has been designed and built on an area of approximately 36 hectares and already producing in excess of 24 million kWh of electricity annually.

•The electricity generated from this power plant will be fed into the local grid network and will be sold through a 20 year Power Purchase Agreement with the Jordanian Electricity Utility, NEPCO.

•This electricity will in turn serve the annual average electricity needs for approximately 5000 local households

Project Advantages

•Its clean, green energy produced on a utility scale.
•It is the first project of the SMART GRID chain project in Jordan.
•Harvesting the solar power through this plant represents CO2 abatements of approximately 16000 tons annually.
•Will allow Jordan to become much more independent in terms of power generation by allowing the country to produce and utilize solar energy.
•The project will create jobs for the local community which amounts to more than 150 employment opportunities during the construction period and a number of employment opportunities available during the operations and maintenance period.
•There will be a considerable amount of knowledge and technology transferred, which in turn will empower the Local Community with much needed skills development to further empower them in the renewable energy sector.
Oryx PV Solar Project at a Glanc

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Sustainable Development in jordan

Sustainable Development Projects in jordan